Friday, February 22, 2013

conversation with *Le dad


                  On one fine day, me and Da dad were having a conversations about UPU and it was the day i found that Da Dad were so annoying than Mem Besar. bhahahahahaha, like seriously, i thought that he's kinda like coool person awesomeness and everything. ERGH! so damn annoying. hahahahaha. I do love him and dont get me wrong, i never hate him. hahahaha. Oh! okay, after the application to UPU we just knock off and kinda lika DUH! you're so annoying. hahahaha. Late night actually, it just me and him then GD on the TV! Seriously, if you dont ever know GD better kills yours gadget! He's like the dude man! SWAG!!


Da Dad : "He's gay! i can see that he's super gay!" 

Le' me: " Pap! with da face, with that gay face he's billionnaire kot!" *dancing to the beat*

Da Dad : "So you like him that much huh? What're you an alien? He's freak lah kakak!"

Le' Me: "I know! That's why guys over here *cakap Malaysia* super jealousy with K-POP stuff because 
               the girls are into it! They were HOT and HANDSOME and CUTE. Btw, daddy-yoo your time is 
              over with the rock stuff. hahahaha"

Da Dad : "You cant find any better reasons to this. Its legendary kakak oi! Dang, girl!"

Le'me : "Since when you turned into her? hahahaha, you were superly annoying than her. hahahahaha"

Da Dad: "better ask her how we get married before and you'll know how annoying i am. hahahaha"

Le'Me: " I dont want to evahh.. think about it. hahaha. its complicated and euw"

Da Dad : "Marriage is complicated and soon its your turns. hahahaha. But papa tak mahu K-POPPERS or
                K-POP or what. Find a guy not a boy"

Le'Me: " errr now you're her! hahahahaha"

              Yes, Da Dad ..... ergh! hahahaha. but he's still Da Dad yang coool. hahaaha. So, itu sahajalah. hahaha, oh btw IM 18 dah :P
i know, hahaha. Papa cakap dh boleh tengok rated film. Duh! what a daddy i tell you! ntoh papo fikir. hahahaha. Later lah i post about my super sweet sour 18 stuff. daaa~



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