Tuesday, May 22, 2012

and im writing.

haiyakk. hehehe, i mean hello peeps, its 4.33 am now. and im not sleepy yet. im yawning about every minutes but still it doesnt seems works to me. hmmmm. lately, or should i say recently, i was so bored and suddenly the ideas came and flowing, haha. tipu giloo kau ain, i mean nahh. its private thing actually. nevermind. i want to tell him something actually, kau dengar sini okay? recently, i've read all the messages that you sent to me. woahh, im really miss the old us? did you? i miss almost the whole things. and i keep refusing that i started to like you. my brain says no but my heart says yess, you're the one. and i knew that this things this feeling wont change a bit of yours, so i keep denied that i liked you but deep inside me i really do. and when you're not here and rarely online that feeling sorrows me, rasa keseorangan? and i keep telling myself that you're pretending that you're my friend. c'mon face the facts ada keh org chatting sampai pagi? hours after hours lagi. but its fun and never get bored or a thing or blah blah blah. euwww, gelinya cakap perasaan nih =..=
can we be friends? just like before? bak kata pepatah melayu, "mcm isi dengan kuku" . and i miss you. ya Allah apa pasal aku pagi pagi nih -______-
i never believed that love at the first sight exist. tipu semua. but i dont think that you're the first one. love at the first sight only appears in dreams and drama kan kan? there's no such thing first love so aku anggapkan yg aku cuma salah langkah, so nothing to be worry, jodoh kat tangan Allah. rasanya nya laa kan we're not meant to be with each other laa sebab we're from different worlds kan? aku lain perangainya sampai org boleh benci aku and kau? no comments, hahaha. so cinta monyet laa nih kan? eh tak tak actually, cinta monyet tepuk sebelah tangan. yess, baru betul nih. ahhh, apahal aku nih. hmm, i should get off to my beds now, and sekarang dh 5am. eh kejap baik aku tunggu lagi for few minutes, memandangkan subuh pun nak menjelangkan. haihh~ apa pasal aku nih. gelinyaaaa~~

bye :)

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