Friday, August 26, 2011

life is beautiful isnt it ?

hello , last week i think . there's got 'berbuka puasa' at school . well i just hanging round with it . dtg jela kan . rugi babe ! ^^ so i came . well it kinda weird coz i've came for such a unreasonable reason . i wanna make my moments with my babies boo not for the overall changes . yahh be a 'solehah' . but it turns all over , i came i prays to the ONE that i've been such a forgetful person to the ONE . there we kinda perform for 'solat hajat' . thankful to the ONE . thank you ALLAH :D
there i met my love i think XD i met a guy that wear 'baju melayu' . he's wearing a simple baju melayu but its really make me melting whenever i saw him . so 'KACAK' . hahahaaha :D that's all for now . goodbye indeed :)

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